Short Bio

How do you know someone is Italian? They tell you 🤌

I was born and raised in Italy and in my twenties I moved with my lifetime partner to Toronto, Canada.

After finishing my masters in Computer Engineer and working for a few years, the search for opportunities brought me to Spain, England and eventually landed me in Toronto. Everyone expected it to be another temporary stop but this time, before I knew, it I found myself at home 🇨🇦.

I’m a nerd for..

Self discovery, tech, coaching, hiking, travel and Monkey Island.

Currently I work as CEO for Art of Accomplishment. Previously I was CTO at Precision Nutrition, and before that I helped run Unspace.

I’ve spent a multitude of hours of my life meditating and doing theraphy/coaching/mentoring work. Both on the receiving and the giving ends. I had many mentors and teachers both in Italy and in North America. Some of my favorites that are easier to find online: Shinzen Young, Conscious Leadership Group, Hollow Bones Zen, and Art of Accomplishment

Most of my coding is done in Ruby, Elixir, EmberJS, and Nix(OS) and I’m interested in most things programming.

I love meetups, over the years I have been organizing (with the help of some other amazing folks):

  • Toronto Elixir - Our local Elixir Meetup, organized with @tylerpachal and still going regularly.
  • EmberTO - Our local EmberJS meetup, went on for 8+ year, now dorment.
  • NixTO - A tiny Nix meetup, that is also mostly dorment. @shazow is my partner here.


One of my big pleasures is meeting and connecting with people. If you have any questions or feedback or simply want to have a chat feel free to reach out!

You can find me on: