This is a space to write a few notes to myself, maybe some of them will be useful to others too.

Obligatory short bio

I’m an Italian Computer engineer, transplanted in Toronto, Canada.

I love EmberJS, Ruby, Elixir, and Nix(OS) and I’m interested in most things programming, meditation, hiking and travel.

Currently I work as CTO at Precision Nutrition, previously I helped run Unspace.

I love meetups, over the years I have been organizing (with the help of some other amazing folks):

  • EmberTO - Our local EmberJS meetup, has been going on for 8+ year
  • Toronto Elixir - Our local Elixir Meetup, organized with @tylerpachal
  • NixTO - A tiny Nix meetup, we met once so far but hoping to do more of this soon! @shazow is my partner here


I welcome any feedback you might have and I love meeting people in general so feel free to reach out!

You can find me on:

Some of my posts may also appear on the Precision Nutrition tech blog.